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Fleet Tracking & Asset Management

Fleet Tracker

Track and manage your fleet in real-time

Track your vehicles in real time, while gathering information from the field to help you improve operating efficiencies. You can do it all—at a cost-effective price—with TELUS Fleet Tracker.

TELUS Fleet Tracker uses GPS technology to help give you insight into the activities of all your vehicles. With real-time information and up-to-date reports, TELUS Fleet Tracker can help your company improve fleet management, reduce costs, and uncover additional revenue-generating opportunities. Better scheduling and improved communications can also help you enhance customer service with faster and more accurate response times. The bottom line: TELUS Fleet Tracker can help your business run more profitably.

Change the way you manage your fleet operations with a solution that gives you access to your fleet’s real-time status as well as historical reporting, including vehicle location, travel speed, vehicle idling, vehicle maintenance record, and much more.

TELUS Fleet Tracker is ideal for:

Asset Tracker

Keep track of your business' most important assets

TELUS Asset Tracker helps companies know the location of their most valuable assets. Discreet and portable GPS-enabled tags the size of a matchbox are inserted into high-value goods as they move through the delivery chain or are affixed to valuable mobile assets, such as trailers and cargo. Use almost any Web-enabled computer to help track and manage the asset’s location.

TELUS Asset Tracker is ideal for:

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